Christoph Portmann

Oebergericht des Kantons Zuerich. Verfuegung vom September 3


The High Court of Canton Zurich is considering a criminal case (UA180079-O/Z5) against of a Swiss citizen Christoph Portmann, the Head of Swiss companies
which provide services in financial sphere for wealthy clients, particularly from Russia. 

The claimant, a Russian citizen Igor Sychev insists, that Mr. Portmann has committed crimes like mismanagement, forgery of documents, fraud etc against him in the interests of one of the biggest Russian companies PhosAgro and its biggest shareholders. 
For short information: the main shareholder of PhosAgro is Mr Andrey Guryev, the billionaire with a fortune of 5 billions, the former Russian senator and now is on the so named American “Kremlin sanction list”. The second (at the moment) biggest shareholder of PhosAgro is Mr Litvinenko, a billionaire as well and a friend of Putin (the Head of Putin's pre-election headquarter in Sankt-Petersburg for four presidential terms). 

The specific individuals for whom Mr Portmann acted, currently have a formal status of unidentified persons. 

It is about crimes committed through the use of offshore opaque companies Avec and Parmas Corporation, the most probably managed by Mr Portmann. Both companies have the accounts in Lichtenstein and probably Swiss. 

Recall that not so long ago the biggest Swiss banks have blocked billions of CHF on accounts of another participant of the same sanction Kremlin list (Victor Vekselberg). 

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