Fertilizers of discord: the essence of the legal proceedings around "Apatit" in London

The heavy door closed cabinet. Boss - Senator and de facto owner of the holding "Fosagro" Andrey Guriev - invited the Head of the Tax Administration Igor Sychev holding a meeting on the sensitive issue. On the eve of April 1, 2005, it became aware of the tax claims for 5 billion rubles to the "Apatit", part of "Fosagro". He recalls Sychev, the chief said, "I'm going to Serdyukov! I will tell him that these claims are consistent with the policies of President Putin "(future Minister of Defense at the time headed the Federal Tax Service of Russia -. Forbes). He himself was more silent. Igor Sychev was surprised not only the subject of the conversation, but the very fact of the invitation in a tall cabinet. "In 1998, they came up with the scheme, in my opinion, illegal - says Sychev. - I said that this will not participate, will not endorse statements. The decision was taken contrary to my opinion. This has caused complications in our relations. "

The visit gave nothing to Serdyukov. But "Fosagro" still managed to fend off the claims. It could be considered a miracle: the destruction of Yukos began with the arrest and prosecution of Plato LebaMaid of embezzling state-owned shares and tax evasion "Apatite". Then, in July 2003, suddenly disappeared owner of the office, located opposite Guryev, - chairman of the "Fosagro" Board Alexander Gorbachev. No one said goodbye, he flew to London and more in Russia did not return. "It was not a voluntary departure. But Guriev and it was clear that to continue for the company is unreal, "- says Gorbachev.

12 years later, in May 2015 he filed a criminal lawsuit against the court of Cyprus Andrey Guriev and other owners' Fosagro "demanding the return of allegedly illegally taken from his 24% stake in the holding company. And four months later, Igor Sychev, who left "Fosagro" in 2013, sent a statement to the Russian law enforcement authorities with allegations against Guriev and other managers of the holding. Why former managers feel entitled to make claims principal owner of one of the largest fertilizer producers in the country?

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