About Igor Sychev

Igor Sychev (Игорь Сычев) is former top-manager of Phosagro who worked for the company for 16 years. From 2003 to 2014 he was a head of the Taxes department of Phosagro. Under management of Igor Sychev, Phosagro has won on the court case against the company’s alleged tax evasion of 1 billion dollars in total, including 700 million in Yuko’s case, and all charges were dropped.

Igor Sychev has wrote official claim against Phosagro because of dispute about not received remuneration for defending Phosagro interests in this court case.
Igor Sychev has filed a lawsuit in London against the shareholders of Phosagro Igor Antoshin and Andrey Guryev, and Phosagro as a company.
Igor Sychev has initiated a criminal complaint for fraud, forgery of documents and malpractice in Switzerland.

In 2016 Igor Sychev was forced to flee from Russia, leaving his family there, because of a threat to life and general safety. Igor Sychev has asked for political asylum in Latvia.
Igor Sychev supports a member of opposition, Alexey Navalniy. Last year he has donated 1,5 million roubles to political campaign of Navalniy, part of this amount were transferred in bitcoins.

In October 19, 2017 Igor Sychev, together with and Olga Litvinenko, took the floor in hearings of the Latvian parliamentarian group “For the support of Russia’s civil society” as persons persecuted in Russia

March 2018 Latvia has granted political asylum to Igor Sychev.